Brooke Benavides
Language Arts Coordinator

The Language Arts Department focuses on curriculum and instruction in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. To best prepare our students for life outside the classroom, our K-12 English Language Arts teachers design instruction that enables students to build content knowledge, read closely and attentively, ask relevant questions, collaborate with others, understand varied perspectives, make new meaning, revise their thinking, articulate their ideas, cite specific evidence when asserting a point of view, communicate effectively, write cohesively, and utilize technology to support and enhance the learning process.  

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment where students will achieve success.  Staff members in the language arts department are experienced, bringing forth a wealth of subject area knowledge and a strong pedagogy allowing the best educational experiences for our students.  Staff members meet and plan on a regular basis to offer a consistent and cohesive educational program for the children of Nutley.  

During the upcoming school year, our students will participate in a number of educational activities including: using appropriate and effective reading process strategies to construct meaning from text, reacting, responding, and applying critical thinking/problem-solving strategies to language arts experiences, developing a positive attitude toward reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and learning current and emergent technologies to enhance the language arts experience.  These activities will afford our students the opportunity to develop as lifelong learners in the 21st Century.  Our staff works on professional development related to language arts literacy and will develop cross-curricular lessons that follow the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. They will accomplish this by designing coherent instruction, using assessment data to determine instructional goals, attending professional meetings, and following the curriculum units created for each grade level.

In order to ensure that students achieve growth in all areas of Language Arts, our staff members are in the process of utilizing a Balanced Literacy approach to learning. Our K-8 teachers are currently implementing Readers' Workshop and are supported through staff development training and coaching. Last year, our K-2 teachers began to implement Words Their Way and our 3rd through 8th grade teachers began to implement Writers' Workshop. This year, our 3rd grade teachers will be implementing Words Their Way and our 2nd graders will implement Writers' Workshop as well. 

At Nutley High School, our students will be able to continue to develop and strength their language arts literacy skills through independent and collaborative experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. The curriculum offers a wide variety of literature that reflects our diverse and multicultural society, enabling students to becomes familiar with many authors' writing styles and varied perspectives. Additionally, students will be prepared for the demands of college, business, and life in a democratic society by practicing the skills which require them to think logically and express themselves clearly. The stimulation of the students' curiosity, creativity, and imagination through the study of literature will assist them in making connections to their own existence and apply knowledge of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

Parents and community members play an integral role in the education of our students.  Staff members are diligent in disseminating information about content-specific activities through classroom requirements, teacher web sites, and email contact.  Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with the language arts department regarding concerns and student achievement.  Staff members in the language arts department work collaboratively to provide sound and diverse educational opportunities for all students.

Faculty Members

John H. Walker Middle School

Ms. Alamo - Grade 8
Ms. Beltoff - Grade 7
Ms. Beodeker - Grade 7
Ms. Goettlich - Grade 8
Mr. King - Literature/Media/Creative Writing
Mr. Johnston - Grade 8
Mrs. Minervini - Grade 7
Ms. Mustardo - Grade 8
Ms. Triolo - Grades 7 & 8

Nutley High School
Ms. Brady - English II and III
Mrs. Copolla - English I and IV
Mrs. Crowe - English IV
Mrs. Della Fave - English I and II
Ms. Dono - English I and IV
Ms. Freda - English II
Mr. Gurrieri - English I and I H
Ms. Harbison - English IV
Mrs. LaPierre, English III
Ms. Lemire - English II, II H, and Yearbook
Ms. Morgan - English III and IV
Mrs. Pappas - English III and IV
Mrs. Rainone - English III and AP III
Mrs. Rossillo - English I and AP Humanities
Mrs. Toledano - English II